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Can I switch to another Bulk Tank LPG supplier?

If you are a domestic user of Bulk Tank LPG (Propane) with your own dedicated LPG storage tank (Above Ground or Below Ground) then from 13th April 2009 you are now able to switch LPG supplier without the need to exchange or uplift your Bulk LPG tank. Instead the ownership of the tank will simply transfer to your new LPG supplier making the switching process easier and quicker for both you the customer and your new LPG Bulk supplier.[1]

How much money will I save?

A typical domestic user of LPG can save on average £559* per year by switching their supplier with us. The more LPG you use the higher the savings.

How much will I pay in Tank Rental / Standing Charges?

The typical tank rental is between £60pa and £66pa for an Above Ground Storage Tank and between £80pa and £120pa for a Below Ground Storage Tank. The amount that you pay in Tank Rental / Standing Charges will depend upon the supplier and tariff that you choose.

How do we get paid?

Upon completion of the transfer we receive a small switch fee from your new supplier, very much in the same way as we do for other essential utilities such as electricity, mains gas and telecoms.

Throughout the switching process we will keep you fully updated – It’s just so easy to Switch & Save! No supply disruption, no tank removal, just great LPG savings!

When can I switch my Bulk Tank LPG supplier?

All Home Bulk LPG Supply Agreements are for 2 years only. If you are outside of your 2 year Supply Agreement or you are within 28 days of the end of your current Supply Agreement then you are immediately eligible to switch supplier.

If you are new to the property then you are immediately free to select your own Home Bulk LPG Supplier.

If you sell your property, or if you are a tenant and you vacate the property, then the Agreement will terminate without penalty.

Will my gas supply be interrupted?

NO. During the switching process your domestic gas supply will not be interrupted. Because your Home Bulk LPG tank is not being exchanged you are guaranteed continuity of supply, your existing supplier still being able to fill the tank right up until the time of switch completion should you require them to do so.

Home Bulk LPG – Tank Compliance

[1] Home Bulk LPG storage tanks with a capacity of 1200 or 2000 litres must be located at least 3m from buildings, boundaries and other fixed sources of ignition. A fire wall of solid construction may be present along one or even two sides of the tank with a minimum separation distance of 1.5m from the fire wall. Please ensure that the area around your tank is free of all debris and overgrown vegetation and that a line of sight is maintained between the vessel and the road tanker to ensure the safe delivery of LPG to your home.
Vessels must not be sited directly beneath electric power cables and where the voltage is below 1kV the tank must be sited 1.5metres from a plane drawn vertically downwards from the power cable.
Should you have any questions in relation to the suitability and compliance of your Home Bulk LPG installation please call us directly at any time.

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