On a Standard Tariff with your Energy Supplier? You’re paying too much.

By March 4, 2016Energy News

EDF Energy on top as average number of complaints fall

Consumer group, Which? have asked regulators to make it easier for households to switch energy suppliers, claiming millions are paying up to £400 too much. This is despite Energy Regulator, OFGEM, releasing figures last week that state the number of UK households switching their energy provider rose by 15% in 2015. OFGEM say that 6.1m gas and electricity accounts had been transferred during the year – about 820,421 more than in 2014. Although the figures show that competition in the market is improving, Which? Say that 71% of gas customers were on standard tariffs and 88% of households remained with the big six despite growth in smaller, independent suppliers – 37 firms in total, according to the Government.

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