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Quick and easy to compare ALL SME Price Plans and Tarrifs from ALL Energy Suppliers. No hidden prices. Save £££ in Minutes on your Power & Gas. Switch now and beat the price hikes.

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We aim to make the switching process as simply and stress free as possible, providing you with a FREE and impartial energy price comparison so that you can make the right money saving decision for your business.

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Our quick quote service allows you to impartially compare all SME energy suppliers and more and to complete your switch in just 4 clicks and in under 3 minutes!

Tips for switching your business energy supply

Always check your contract end date

You’ll find your contract end date on your initial correspondence from your business energy company.

Get your termination notice in on time.

Don’t run the risk of getting tied into a new business energy contract automatically – make sure you check the notice period and submit your termination notice on time.

We have written a template for both your business gas and business electric termination notices, after you switch download this and send it off to your current supplier, advising them of the switch.

You not only need to be careful not to be too late in sending your termination, but you also need to be careful not to send your termination notice too early! Double check this to avoid your application being declined.

Small suppliers are safe

If you are offered a good business energy deal with a smaller supplier then please take it. Don’t agonise about the size of the company or whether you’ve heard of them before. If they are offered on our platform then they can be trusted. The likes of Ovo Energy and Opus Energy and so on have become key players in the competitive market, shaking up the behaviours and offerings of the more traditional players.

It is very rare, but if your energy supplier was to go out of business – big or small – your supply will continue and you’ll be looked after by the OFGEM under the Supplier of Last Resort scheme.

Worth keeping in mind after a switch…

Your current business energy supplier can object to you switching, but only under certain circumstances and these will be set out in your contract.
Reasons include:

  • You are in debt with your business energy supplier
  • You are still bound by your contract, because you are on a fixed term contract where the term has not run out.

But your supplier cannot object if:

  • Your contract has expired and you are not bound by its terms
  • You are not signed up to any contract because you are on a deemed contract.Follow these tips and comparing and switching the energy supply for your business will be simple. If there is still something that you are unsure about, please call the EnergyLinx customer service team on 01259 225400.

Business Energy Renewal Contract? Time to act!

This will provide you with an opening offer for your next business energy contract. It is important that you don’t leave it too late so that your only option is to accept this offer, as inevitably it will not be a competitive one.

Presently if you don’t act on your renewal letter then you’ll automatically be tied into a new premium priced business energy contract for a period of twelve months, and we can almost guarantee that this will not be the best deal for you.

Energylinx for business offer the only business energy comparison service that allows you to compare your renewal quote against everything else in the market. It will rank your result against what else is available. Making your decision making even easier!

Be careful who you choose…. Or who you stick with!

There is absolutely no cooling off period available after signing up to a business energy contract – the only way out of it is moving property. We can’t stress enough that you should do some homework before signing up to a business energy contract and make sure you are 100% happy. If you would like to find out more about a supplier then you can always call one of our Business Energy Advisors on 01259 225400.

Don’t miss out!

Over a third of small businesses don’t make the move to find a cheaper supplier when their energy contract runs out. This is your opportunity, take it! Shopping around is easy, and you don’t even have to leave this site. We compare business energy contracts here so make use of our free comparison tool. Would you rather talk to someone about your supply options? No problem. Call one of our business energy advisors on 01259 225400. They will be more than happy to go over your options.